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Dynamic Wellness 

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Science, Energy, and, Self-Help

This EXCITING workshop is going to combine science, energy, and ways to help create improvements in your everyday life! Our line up of presenters will be focused on providing you with specific take homes to apply to your life immediately upon completion of the workshop.

9:00 am Check-in and Registration

9:15 am Welcome

9:30 Shifting your mindset immediately with Elvira Gottinger

10:15 Determining your Value with Marci Hansen

11:00 Break

11:15 Vagus not Vegas: Where Your Mind and Body Connect with Dr. Hansen

12:00 -1:15 Lunch break (lunch is NOT provided, you will be very close to several great options for lunch)

1:15 Welcome Back!

1:30 Energy Cleansing and Programming of Your Home with Elvira Gottinger

3:30 Break

3:45 Question and Answer

4:30 Guided Meditation 

5:00 Closing  

Marci Hansen will be conduction an interactive exercise to assist you in determine what your values are. Once you have determined what you value you will become more capable of knowing what you want to say yes to, what to say no to, and how to structure your boundaries. This exercise will not only improve the relationship you have with others, it will improve the relationship you have with yourself.

Dr. Daniel Hansen is excited to help connect the dots between how your thoughts and emotions impact your physical body and health. While this information is becoming common knowledge, how to take care of that connection can be a bit of a mystery, most say to simple change your thoughts, or repeat an affirmation. Understanding exactly how your thoughts and emotions travel through your body will help you better manage the impact they have.

Elvira Gottinger will teach us what is behind the energy within your home. Some homes feel so good, welcoming and cozy, other places seem to put off bad vibes. She will be providing specifics on how to assess the energy of your home and create an energy that supports the life you want to live.

is a world renowned energy healer. Her journey has taken around the globe to learn from healers and support people on their healing journey world wide. She has a passion to teach what she has learned to assist in raising the vibration of world. To read more about Elvira visit her website http://www.happyquantumworld.com