​​​​​NeuroStructural Chiropractic
​Dr. Daniel Hansen, NeuroStructural Chiropractor

Complimentary Consultation 30 Minutes

In our office, a consultation is a conversation, not an examination, and certainly not a high-pressure sales-like experience.
When you visit our practice, two things will happen:

     1- We will get to know you and discuss your health concerns

     2- You will get to know what Structural Chiropractic is, and how we may be able to help you.

It is always good to have a second set of eyes and ears, so we encourage you to bring a friend or relative, but it is not mandatory. The consultation usually takes more or less, about 20 minutes. 

More information at:www.utahdynamic.com

Heather Seay L.Ac

​Acupuncture is an effective form of healthcare, which is part of the complete and holistic medical system knows as Chinese Medicine.  Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have used this non-invasive medical technique to diagnose and help millions of people get well and stay healthy. I accept most PPO insurance plans Individual coverage details will need to be verified.  Free   - 15 minute consultation in person, to see if acupuncture is right for you.

More information at:  www.CCNaturalMedicine.com

Neuro Muscular Massage  

Jeanne M. Chadwick, NMT, LMT
$   20 -   15 Minute Massage Pre/Post Chiropractic Care

$   40 -   30 Minute  Massage
$   75 -   60 Minute  Massage
$  110 - 90 Minute  Massage

$  140 - 120 Minute Massage

More information at:  www.jeannechadwick.massagetherapy.com

Lymph Drainage, Cranial Sacral Therapy

Marva J Beesley, LMT, LLC, APP
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Specialist
​Cranial Sacral Therapist

Call for questions 801-518-2115
$   80
 - 60 Minute Lymph Drainage Session
$   80 – 60 Minute Cranial Sacral Session
$ 130 - 90 Minute Lymph Drainage Session


Therapeutic Massage

Dorothy Frend, LMT

$   75 -   60 Minute  Massage

$   90 -   75 Minute Massage
$  110 - 90 Minute  Massage
$  140 - 120 Minute Massage

More information at:  www.wellbeingbodies.com

James Seay, LMT
$ 110 - 90 minute sessions.  Sessions are full body, from head to toe,  customized for each client and could include specialties such as: Thai massage stretching, orthopedic massage, cranial sacral therapy,  reflexology and deep lymphatic drainage massage.
$ 250 - "Jumpstart series".  3 sessions within a two week period
$ 100 - Hourly Out-Call

Life Coaching

Marci Hansen, Certified Life Coach

30 Minute Complimentary Consultation

$    65 - One hour Coaching Session

More information at:  www.dynamiclifeutah.com

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